Thursday, October 21, 2010

OMG, I Missed You!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted here.  You know how it is when you keep thinking (and thinking) about doing something and then something else gets in the way?  Well, that's my story.  But I'm pretty much over myself and woke up early just to write.  I love my store and I love my customers, so here's What's What in oo la la Land.  =)
Paris.  As you (hopefully) know by now, the store is going to be closed (I know, I know) for the month of November.  I'm going on a nice little vacay in France, where it will be chilly (who cares?) and fabulous in spite of the protests and al Qaeda threats (gulp).  (France has never bored me and I guess it never will.)  And while there is some really cute new (!) stuff in the store right now, I'm going to be shipping back some French fabulosity that I'm hoping will knock your socks off!  I'll be back in the store on November 30, so be sure to mark your calendars and tell a friend!  In the meantime, I just got in the MOST BEAUTIFUL scarves eh-ver...
This year, two of my customers - Wanda and Tracy - will be joining me in Paris for 10 days of oo la la!  I am truly looking forward to setting them up in their Paris apartment, orienting them to the city, and stopping by their apartment to swap stories and drink champagne.  If you're a Facebook person, feel free to join me on the One Brown Girl In Paris Facebook page so you can get a blow by blow and decide if you want to come along on my annual November jaunt next year.  Everyone is welcome!  I'll be posting updates here as well, but not as often.  (Facebook has really taken over the world, haven't they?)
Other than Paris, I've been doing a lot (!) of writing and traveling and thinking about What's Next...and overall life is good. 
My last day in the store is October 29 and I plan to work from Noon-6pm Monday-Friday between now and then, so please...if you have a little gift you need to give (to yourself or someone else), come on down.  Even if you don't, come on down and say hello (maybe good-bye is more appropriate...LOL).  And if you happen to see lights on while I'm away, it's just a friend checking on things and keeping the space occupied.  She will not, however, answer the kindly keep that in mind.
Time for me to scoot!  We have some overzealous raccoons here at my house (do you believe one actually used its paws to slide open our bedroom window?!?!?), so I need to do some cleanup and raccoon prevention.  Any tips?
Your Oakland Shop Girl,
Tracey =)