About the Oakland Shop Girl

Hi there.  =)  I'm Tracey.
And this ::::::: spreading out my arms :::::::::: is my little blog.

oo la la! gift & accessories lounge has been open for 4 years now!  I started this blog in October 2009 during a personal shopping trip to Paris. I was sending emails back and forth to all of my customers via email and the blog just seemed to make more sense. And while I have over 300 customers in my email database, I apologize profusely for not adding more names like I should.  I have dozens of little slips of paper and business cards that you have all given me and my data entry has been...well...non-existent as of late.  And that is precisely why I have this blog.  =)

I've got a mean case of wanderlust, so it's likely that if you see that the store is closed for any considerable length of time, it means I'm off galavanting somewhere. But I'll be back.  I promise.

The oo la la! blog is about me, my store, my travels, our travels together, my adventure projects outside of the store, and in some cases my fab (and not so fab) customers. I like to think of this as Adult Show N' Tell which, of course, was one of my favorite activities in school (smiling). Thanks for stopping by! And enjoy my jibber jabber; I only aim to please...

Oh yeah.  I'm on Facebook.  =)

Last updated:  October 24, 2011